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If you have tooth decay, then come in to fight it right away! If left untreated, tooth decay can lead to more costly and painful conditions for your oral health. To talk to you about tooth decay, our dentist, Dr. Mark Ranzinger with Blakeney Dental in Charlotte, North Carolina, has provided you with this necessary information.

Tooth decay can surprise you at any time, even if you take all the safety measures you can to prevent it. Sticky plaque and foul bacteria forms on your teeth and will eat away at your tooth enamel. When it is left untreated, the cavity will work through your teeth causing you a swarm of problems.

For some people, there is no indication of pain or sensitivity until the decay grows too large and goes near the nerves of the tooth. Cavities can also spread rapidly putting other teeth at high risk. If you spot a cavity soon enough, then your dentist may be able to correct the cavity quickly. If you delay treatments, there are other ways to help your smiles such as dental fillings or dental crowns to repair the cavity. The significant thing to remember about tooth decay is to fix it right away, so you can avoid painful and costly situations down the road.

If you have questions about your cavities and find yourself in need of a treatment, please call us today at 704-541-8600. Our team is happy to help you and provide you the best course of action to repair the cavity.