Do you struggle with crooked or overlapping teeth? Instead of being self-conscious of your smile, come see Dr. Mark Ranzinger at Blakeney Dental to discuss the benefits of invisible braces!

We are pleased to provide removable clear aligners for patients who want orthodontic care without metal braces. These aligners are custom made to fit the unique contours of your smile and shift your teeth into a healthier and more attractive position over a period of time. Clear aligners are designed with 3D computer technology to fit your teeth snugly and provide constant gentle pressure. Each set is worn for about two weeks and then swapped out for fresh aligners to keep your teeth moving. Because aligners do not need to be adjusted like braces, your appointments with the dentist will only occur about once every six weeks, or as needed.

Clear aligners are comfortable and discreet, and can be removed at any time. With clear aligners, you can smile, eat, and clean your teeth without hassle or embarrassment. They are a great fit for all lifestyles, and can benefit both adults and teens. If you are interested in experiencing our clear aligners in Charlotte, North Carolina, contact Blakeney Dental at 704-541-8600 today and schedule your appointment with Dr. Mark Ranzinger.