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If you’re interested in knowing how a professional teeth whitening treatment can help you, then you have come to the right blog. Today, our dentist, Dr. Mark Ranzinger, is happy to discuss the things our professional whitening treatment can do for you. Our treatment can:

-Remove minor as well as stubborn tooth stains, which means it is stronger than an over-the-counter treatment

-Whiten your smile with trays that fit your smile perfectly and with whitening solution that has the proper strength for your teeth

-Reduce the mess compared to over-the-counter whitening treatments

-Help you whiten your teeth within the walls of your own home

-Help you achieve the specific whitening goals you have in mind (This is because the whitening solution will be strong enough to give you exactly what you want)

-Help you have brighter teeth for a longer period of time

-Help you feel better about your appearance

-Give you a smile you have always wanted

-Whiten your smile all while being safe for the gums and teeth

The treatment process involves your dentist giving you customized whitening trays and whitening solution to take home. Your dentist will also give you the instructions you need to use the kit properly. All you need to do is follow the instructions and work on brightening your smile! For more information about professional teeth whitening in Charlotte, North Carolina, or to schedule an appointment to see if this is the right treatment for you, please contact Blakeney Dental at 704-541-8600 today. Our dental team is happy to help you!