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Many dental professions have performed research on fluoride and found that, when exposed to your teeth in proper amounts, it can improve the quality of your tooth enamel. Fluoride is a natural substance that is found in sources such as some water and fluoridated dental products. Many patients drink fluoridated tap water to improve their smiles, but there are many other ways to receive the proper amounts of fluoride. We offer a review on the sources of fluoride and the benefits of receiving an appropriate fluoride intake.

There is a complex mineral crystalline structure that makes up your tooth enamel and can be affected by your natural oral bacteria and acidic foods, which is known as demineralization. In order to keep your teeth in good health, it’s important to reintroduce proper amounts of fluoride to your teeth through sources such as certain areas of tap water and fluoride toothpaste. Adding fluoride into your teeth is called remineralization.

Every day, your tooth enamel goes through a cycle of losing and gaining minerals on a microscopic level. However, your teeth need to receive more fluoride than is lost in order to remain strong and resist dental health problems such as cavities.

If you don’t have regular access to fluoridated water, you can find alternative sources of fluoride in the form of professional fluoride treatment from the dentist or as prescription foams, gels or tablets or foams. Please contact Blakeney Dental at 704-541-8600 today if you need to speak with our dentist, Dr. Mark Ranzinger, about receiving proper amounts of fluoride in Charlotte, North Carolina.