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When poor dental hygiene habits allow bacteria to grow in your mouth and affect the tooth enamel, Dr. Mark Ranzinger may be able to restore the tooth with a dental filling. However, if the decay is not detected early enough and the tooth becomes too damaged for a filling, our dentist may be able to save the tooth with a custom-made dental crown.

Before placing a dental crown, our dentist needs to assess the severity of your tooth decay, as decay that has reached the dental pulp or tooth root may need root canal treatment, too. To improve the health of the tooth, he removes any decayed portions and places alternate materials to improve the tooth.

Following the removal of tooth decay, we create a highly detailed impression of the tooth and its neighbors, and then send the impression to a dental lab, where skilled technicians create the final dental crown. Our team will provide a temporary crown in the meantime.

We will schedule your follow-up appointment when we have received your permanent crown. We will then remove the temporary crown and, using a strong, dental-grade adhesive, cement the permanent crown to your smile.

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