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The more you do your pivot your oral health care in the right direction, the better your chance for your smile to thrive. This includes making the right decisions and ensuring your smile has the best chance of oral health care success. You should be making the right decisions to not only clean your smile but to be prepared for any accidents or injuries that do occur.

Are you aware of the risks associated with tongue piercings? Tongue piercings are a form of mouth jewelry that is inserted directly into your tongue. They can potentially damage your nerves and large blood vessels. Furthermore, they’re typically made of hard substances that can easily chip and crack teeth or break off and become choking hazards. They can also lead to oral inflammation and infections.

It’s never too late to start thinking about what you can do to keep your smile safe from the risks of tooth hazards. Tooth hazards can occur due to numerous causes, although oral appliances in the form of mouth guards can be used to help protect yourself. Mouth guards can be customized by your dentist or can be purchased in stock form from a local store. They will help minimize the damage from blunt trauma and other forms of oral accidents and injuries.

If you want your smile last forever, you have to use common sense. In addition, you have to understand their teeth will weaken over time and will not be capable of the same actions that they may have in the past. This includes chewing on ice or other products that you may have been able to bite into as a child. Over time, your teeth may have weakened and doing so now can cause chipped and cracked teeth, or you can knock them out completely.

Building a better oral health regime begins on the back of tooth hazard treatments. When you are ready to visit the dentist office of Blakeney Dental in Charlotte, North Carolina, for tooth hazard treatments, you can book an exam by calling us at 704-541-8600. Dr. Mark Ranzinger and our entire team look forward to providing you with the tooth hazard treatments you need.