8 Tips for Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Does the idea of going to the dentist leave you with the shakes, the shivers, or cold sweats? You don't need to worry anymore. There's a lot you can do to manage your fears. At Blakeney Dental, Mark Ranzinger, DDS, and the rest of our care team are here to help you overcome your dental anxiety. Start with these strategies to lower your anxiety levels and get the dental treatment you need.

1. Don't be embarrassed

Many patients with dental anxiety hesitate to admit it. If you've put off treatment due to your dental anxiety, you might also have feelings of embarrassment about the condition of your mouth. Our care team provides nonjudgmental treatment to all of our patients.

2. Visit regularly

Going to the dentist regularly helps keep your mouth healthy and your risk for developing major problems low. Maintain a routine of scheduling and attending dental appointments. When you're in the habit of seeing us, you learn to trust us, and dental visits stop seeming so scary.

3. Let us know about your anxiety

Voicing your fears can make a big difference. Let us know about your anxiety when you book an appointment, and remind the staff of your concerns when you arrive.

4. Share bad past experiences

One of the most common reasons for dental anxiety is a bad experience in the past. Share any bad experiences you've had, and we can work with you on developing a plan to cope with your fears.

5. Use a safeword

Feelings of helplessness threaten some patients when they think about the dentist. If you're worried about losing control, set a safeword or signal at the beginning of an appointment. A signal like raising your hand can let us know if you need a break or are experiencing pain or discomfort.

6. Use mindfulness techniques

During your appointment, rely on mindfulness techniques to quiet your anxiety. Use deep breathing exercises to relax your body.

7. Distract yourself

If mindfulness doesn't work for your anxiety, distraction might. Use headphones to listen to music or a podcast, and play with a fidget spinner to keep your hands occupied and your anxiety tamed.

8. Know your financing options

Dental care can be expensive, and for many patients cost contributes to the weight of their worries. If you have an expensive procedure coming up or are concerned about paying for your regular treatment, ask our office about easy financing options.

For regular treatment and emergency situations alike, we at Blakeney Dental are ready to provide gentle care and support for our patients with dental anxiety. We serve patients from all over Mecklenburg County and surrounding communities. To make an appointment, call our office today or conveniently book online.

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