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Brushing your teeth twice each day and making a conscious effort to floss at least once per day is an essential component of maintaining a healthy mouth. Removing food particles, plaque, and sugar residue from your teeth through a consistent daily oral hygiene routine reduces the overall bacterial population of your mouth. This in turn reduces your chances of suffering from cavities and gum disease.

It should take you around two to three minutes to thoroughly brush your upper and lower sets of teeth. It’s important to clean each tooth by moving your soft-bristled toothbrush in small circles. Applying a small amount of fluoridated toothpaste will also help you maintain strong tooth enamel.

When flossing, make sure to thoroughly clean between each of your teeth, as well as around the gumline. It’s also important to make a conscious effort to clear away bacterial deposits from behind your rear molars each day.

A vigorous rinse with an ADA-approved antiseptic mouthwash can also help kill bacterial and extricate loosened food particles from your mouth.

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